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Monday, February 15, 2010

Winnin' in '0-10!!

Hello cyber world, Lauren Wray here letting you know some of the beautiful things we've been working on for our even more beautiful clients. We are so lucky to have such an array of clientele ... from movie stars to hobo story tellers to everyone in between. Yes, everyone in between. To fill you in on what's been going on this year thus far... Nashville is getting to be quite the destination for filming movies here in the past few years. We did stuff for Hannah Montana: The Movie (specifically a western shirt that Lalie designed for Miley) and recently made custom boots in a whopping 6 days for none other than Gwyneth Paltrow to be worn in the movie (in production), Love Don't Let Me Down, which is currently being filmed in Nashville (also stars Garrett Hedlund of Troy and Friday Night Lights , Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, and Tim McGraw - client and pop country crooner). Personal side note: I worked a few days as an extra (it was a very deep, complicated character I played) on set... no more details to be released at this moment but I will be signing autographs at K-Mart next week, thanks! Nick 13 of Tiger Army (I think he may be working on a Nashville album?) also just ordered his second Manuel suit. It is inspired by the Elvis gold lame' suit and we hear he will be using it for upcoming photo shoots so I'm sure you'll get to see pictures of it soon. The ladies of Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels win this month's contest of cool kids (I judged). Kate just received hers and Jeremi's is in the works. Casey and Brent have been rocking their Gram Parsons' inspired motorcycle jackets for a hot minute, so we're stoked (we hope they are too!!) for the ladies to be donning some rhinestones on their bad ass selves. Please be sure to check out their music... they are super groovy and cool and we're happy to be a fan of these clients and friends... Who can forget hunky Mr. James Intveld a long time friend/client who's been a friend of the Man's since the "L.A." days. He's another one that we love to listen to... as well as measure... ahhhh sorry James, couldn't resist. Also check out James' tunes and bio -- he's got an interesting history. Time to take a minute to shout out the legendary Mr. MERLE HAGGARD. We respect and love the legends and Manuel loves hearing from his old friends (he's made clothes for him through out his entire career). We're working on some suits for him right now. He's requested old school, Hank Williams style... meaning lots of piping and arrows.I know there's been stuff that I've left out, my dearest and sincerest apologies. I have a lot of stuff to do, i.e. sew arrows, figure out what to wear tomorrow for the taping of the Marty Stuart show, and so on so forth. It's also time to start thinking about lunch as well. So adios amigos... keep rockin' and rollin'. -LW

P.S.: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss came in the other day to say hello to Manuel. I think Mr. Plant lives here part time but it still makes me shakey when I see him... I just can't help myself. Lalie is accepting bids on my behalf to hear the story about how he found my bra in the dressing room last year. No part of story will be falsified, email to place bids: (Rules and Regulations: Bids will be accepted in increment of 10's (i.e. 10, 20, 30... so on) and barters can be discussed).

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