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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Could it be? Tickets available Saturday at the door? AM I DREAMING?

Well, I have a confession to make...I am no stranger to the "art" of procrastination,
that is correct, I called it an ART.

Personally I find often times (as the ultimate tortured artist *ehem*) that waiting until things are down to the wire, until the clock is ticking over my head, tends to fuel the fires of creativity and send lighting bolts of unabashed, fresh ideas sans prefabricated boundaries surging through my veins....
If this sounds ANYTHING like you, I'll bet my bottom dollar that you STILL have not purchased tickets to Nashville's most noteworthy and epic all day party of the year (which i lovingly refer to as "tequila fest") even though you have planned on attending for a year now since you obviously had the time of your life at the 2009 event.

Well loves, set your mind at ease....
there are 2 ways you can go about purchasing tickets EVEN this late in the game

1. via paypal between today and friday.
We will have your tickets along with a record of your payment at the entry gate (will call)
upon your arrival - link to the PayPal addrses can be found off of our MAIN site:

2. The powers that be ( Manuel, Lauren, Morelia and Myself) have now decided to sell tickets at the gate for cash or check only the day of the event.
I would advise arriving somewhat on time however... as the mid afternoon approaches it tends to start getting a little crowded, we are not sure what time we will completely sell out.
You really don't want to miss this. I promise

Well darlings,
I can NOT wait to see you all this Saturday
Manuel is insanely excited...

P.S. Follow Lwray and my party updates and photos via twitter @LandLforMANUEL
and follow my personal account as well @darlatheoutlaw
We promise to keep those of you that cant make it this weekend entertained and informed...
In other words, we will twitpic the hell out of you.

Lalie Kavulich- Assistant Designer

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Question- Can we bring our Furry friends to this fun outdoor event?

Answer- NO! We are sorry to inform y'all that pets are not allowed.
Question- What time does it start/end?
Answer- Noon on Saturday, music starts at 1 pm. Music ends at midnight.
Question- I am totally freaking out, I procrastinated until the last minute and its Saturday morning. I want to go to the party in just a couple hours. Are there still tickets available and if so... can I purchase them upon arrival?
Answer- GREAT NEWS! We did not think this would be possible... but we WILL indeed have tickets available at the gate the day of (cash and check only) for $50 each (until we sell out that is!)

Question- I purchased my party passes via PayPal but don't have my tickets. What do I do?

Answer- If you didn't receive your tickets via snail mail by now it's probably time to update the address on your Paypal account - that's where they were mailed to. We have printed receipts of ALL PayPal purchases so there will be a record the sale at the front gate.

Question- Is this party kid friendly?

Answer- Bring those Rug rats along, but keep in mind there are "adult beverages" readily available and the party goes way past bedtime.

Question- Are the Tickets we purchased Tax deductible?

Answer- Unfortunately, not at this time. We are chartered as a non-profit in the state of Tennessee and our kind Board of Directors is currently dotting the i's and crossing the t's for the 501c3 application. It's estimated to be approved in the Fall of this year and at the time we will gain tax exempt status.

Question- Is it appropriate to bring gifts to the Birthday boy?

Answer- Manuel has kindly asked that all gifts this year be given in the form of a charitable contribution to his Non Profit organization "Friends of Manuel, Inc.".

Question- What is the appropriate attire for the party?

Answer- Anything goes! Be as casual or as colorful as you would like... just remember, you may have more fun in shorts and a Tee or a flowing sun-dress then you would in your fabulous rhinestoned suits (don't forget we may or may not get a bit of rain and this is an outdoor event) however, it is totally up to you!

Question- Should we bring food and alcohol?

Answer- We always encourage our guests to enjoy our stocked bar and tents of food.This year we will have delicious snacks donated by our friends at Sunset Grill, Corner Pub, Candylicious, Hello Cupcakes, and traditional Mexican cuisine. However, its always good to be equipped with your own personal late night nosh and an extra bottle of tequila or case of beer would be a fabulous way to avoid long lines at the bars!

Question - Is there any rain alternative?

Answer- We will be partying rain or shine, hell or high-water.
Just come prepared for all weather, We all know the ol' April showers adage & we have been having this party the same weekend for years. There's often a scattered shower or two but it has never ruined our fun thus far!

Question- I know this party is on a hill in the country, Where on earth is there to park?

Answer- We are pleased to announce that we will have a complimentary valet service available to you for the first time ever this year! However carpooling for the sake of our environment and your own personal safety is highly encouraged,don't forget to designate a driver!

Question- As far as accommodations go, what are our options in the area? If we bring a tent is there anywhere on the property we can camp?

Answer- Our friends at the Doubletree in Downtown Nashville have kindly discounted rooms for Saturday night. Please mention the group code "rhinestone" when making reservations. This hotel is about 40 minutes from Manuel's Mountain. The closest hotels to Manuel's Mountain are in Franklin or Brentwood, TN, about 25 minutes away. You're welcome to camp on Manuel's property, but PLEASE no campfires amigos and clean up after yourself!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Happens

Proud to report I have a slight tan line already and we at 1922 Broadway are in dire need of a grass cut in our front yard - anyone? Eggs shells are on the sidewalk, we're bustin' out the white suits - in other words SPRING HAS SPRUNG!
However, I'm here to fill you in on more important store happenings. One thing I'm overdue in mentioning is the AMAZING Gram Parsons painting that Dean Tomasek has so kindly let us hang in our showroom. It really goes with our style and although I want it to sell, I'm hoping Dean might just forget about it and let it hang out a little longer. Visit his website to read more about him and see his other work.

As previously mentioned in prior blogs, yes we did work with Gwyneth Paltrow and the costume designer of the to be released film, Love Don't Let Me Down. I probably already mentioned that I was an actress, er, um I mean extra for 2 days on set- please direct all fan club inquires to Lalie. Point being is that Ms. Paltrow was kind enough to mention us and many of our Nashville favorite hangs in her popular blog, GOOP. Thanks so much for the shout out and come see us soon!!

If any of you have been in the store or talked to Morelia in the past 6 months you would most likely be informed that she was nominated for Oyster Queen. Since 1990, Oyster Easter has been the primary fundraiser for the Community Resource Center, a "lifeline" for Middle Tennessee nonprofits. Through natural laughter and charm and the help of some bunnies, Morelia had no problem letting the party know she was here to reign... for at least another year nonetheless!! Congratulations Morelia! (P.S. I think the below pic is a pretty representative group shot, almost candid...)

(Pic to left is a still shot of G.P.'s blog, GOOP - to the right the "outlaws" Oyster Eastering it up at Traveler's Rest, Nashville)

Another thing I am super excited about, other than the party of course, is a little thing we're preparing for at our #1 watering hole downtown. It's no secret that any given member of the Manuel crew, including Manuel, can be found at our favorite Nashville honky tonk, Robert's Western World, the home of traditional country music - located on Broadway. Don't wanna reveal what's going on yet but I'll give you a few things to ponder on... It's either:

A) Manuel is the new maracas player for Brazilbilly
B) Morelia is the new cook.
C) Lauren Wray and Lalie are getting an afternoon slot in form of the first RIoTGrRl band on Lower Broad
D) None of the above - something way cooler!!

Keep you posted and see you at the party!