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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New York to Mississippi

Lalie and Manuel traveled to the big Apple at the end of September to see our dear friend, Cambridge Jones, opening at the Lincoln Center. Cambridge is an accomplished photographer and is shooting for our book of friends and clients, to be released in the future. While there, we met up with friends from all over, including the Goodbuy Girls of Nashville and Mike Mills of R.E.M. and more. Eating, shopping, museums, and drinking - you know...New York City.

Also in our travels was another trip to Philadelphia, Mississippi- the hometown of Marty Stuart. We were there to support our friend as he received the second marker ever issued for the Country Music Trail, right at the location where he bought his first guitar. At the ceremony, Marty's parents were present along with SIStar Jennifer, his wife Connie Smith, many government officials and lots of family and friends.

The commencement wrapped up witha dance from the Choctaw tribe and a performance from Billy Hardy and friends (with tons of special appearances) at the historic Ellis Theater. All proceeds benefited the preservation of the building. After the event, we played a little roulette with our Mississippi friends and family then hit it back home.

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Soles4Souls, an awesome non-for-profit. We are reconstructing boots donated by Ariat and heels from Jessica Simpson and Vince Camuto. Please check out their website and also the link to the video below. We can't wait to show you what we come up with and are honored to be a part of this project. We'll be turning them over at the end of November. Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from the warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you. The charity distributes these shoes free of charge to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 10 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes (currently donating one pair every 7 seconds.) The shoes have been distributed to people in over 125 countries, including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal and the United States. Soles4Souls has been featured in Runner's World, Ladies’ Home Journal, National Geographic’s Green Guide, and The New York Times. It has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, CNN and thousands of regional news outlets across North America. Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS and donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. Anyone can join our cause, and we need your help.

Soles4Souls facilitates the donations of shoes, which are used to aid the hurting worldwide. Shoe companies, retailers, and individuals can donate footwear (both new and used).

The idea behind gifts of shoes is nothing new to the Soles4Souls team, as they coordinated relief efforts for the Asian Tsunami and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, netting over 1 million pairs donated for these disasters. The team originally operated as with several churches partnering in the collection and distribution of footwear.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

GIVE LOVE! (and Rhinestones!)

Nashville is recovering quickly from the flood that so greatly effected Middle Tennessee a few months back. There are 2 organizations in Nashville that has asked us to participate in project they are working on to raise money for flood victims. The first project we did was for CHAIRity Nashville. We had the forces working on this damaged chair in order to make it an auction item. The organization's mission was to find "Beauty in Brokeness". Here's a picture we borrowed from their Facebook page of the finished product. Can you guess what the inspiration was??...

Our second project we did was for ReTune Nashville . The concept is similar, but instead of chairs, it is damaged music instruments from local musicians. The one we redid, or "retuned" rather, was that of our friend Raul Malo's. Please check out both of these organizations and also bid on the items! We've seen photographs of some of the other items and they are so cool. People really had some great ideas...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter-I...

Well despite it being nearly 100 degrees at sundown and air so thick you could nearly encapsulate it your hands, we made it back from Meridian, Mississippi in one piece (we think). Manuel was invited by the Jimmie Rodgers foundation to present a lecture following the opening exhibit of Marty Stuart's "Sparkle and Twang". Manuel and crew has traveled to nearly every opening for this incredible collection. It was formerly on display at Nashville's very own Tennessee State Museum, the Gene Autry museum in L.A., and also Cleveland's notorious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We arrived in town Thursday and met up with our dear friends Kay and Philip who met us from New Orleans. We were thrilled to be in downtown Meridian for the presentation of Marty's "star" and also the private opening. Who knew that Meridian was home to such stars? Mississippi's own Sela Ward was present and had received her star earlier on that week. She was extremely gracious and friendly--stunning in person! The reception was lovely and we had no problem making ourselves at home at the food stand and bar. Later on, we discovered Chris Ethridge (original bassist of the Flying Burrito Brothers) was playing a set at the Echo Lounge. It was very cool to see him play, an extremely talented musician and rock n' roll royalty. Not to mention, an excellent host! The next day, we traveled to the neighboring town of Philadelphia -- home town of Marty and Jennifer Stuart. We couldn't miss up the opportunity of Choctaw crafts and seeing where are dear friends hail... Our crew made a day of it which included snow cones, antique stores, and maybe a few slot machines! (Clearly none of us won big or we'd still be on vacation!) Also, we checked out the Jimmie Rodgers museum which is a MUST SEE! They have a very cool, quirky exhibit. We all enjoyed it! That evening I must admit that we all enjoyed the confines of our hotel rooms and such luxuries as cable television (Manuel, Lalie, and Lauren Wray do not have network television.) Manuel had several interviews over the weekend... from radio to PBS to a young Yale student.

That Saturday, we made it over downtown to the enchanting Riley Center. This place is wonderful and the lecture went off without a hitch thanks to an engaging audience and the moderator and organizer, Betty Lou Jones. Thanks to all who came and was a part of this event. If you're in Meridian late July, be sure to see our buddies Merle Haggard and Marty who are playing there on the 25th.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Straight from across the pond and into the FRIST

Everyone in our studio has been SUPER excited about the new Frist Museum exhibit that we are lucky enough to get a sneak preview of tonight. From the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957 exhibit will be at the remarkable Frist Museum from June 18-September 12. This is the first time this collection has been displayed in the United States. The exhibit opens to the public tomorrow. Don't miss out on this exclusive display - you may not get another chance!!

Nashville Arts Magazine wrote an excellent article about this collection and were kind enough to include us as well. Please check out the link or if you're in Nashville, pick up a copy. Thanks Karen!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recap of "Out with the Old in with the New"

A big, sweaty GRACIAS to all who came and braved the heat to attend our wonderful event this past Saturday. We had a great crowd, amazing live entertainment, and lots of rhinestoned couture for your purchasing pleasure! One of our performers of the evening, Brianne O'Neill, did an fun video of the evening... we hope you enjoy! Also another shout-out to all of our performers that evening: Brianne, Snowblynd, Danielle Reed, and Dwayne Rushing with Jeff Brown on drums.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lauren Wray here again, writing to you from my office typing and a bloggin' and listening to Manuel sing in another room and trying to convince Lalie to like Lady Gaga ...

My view:

Not here to talk about "avant garde" pop stars - but NEW creations instead... (if you do want to talk pop "culture" however please e-mail me directly... I do love it!)

On May 22, from 6 pm to 10 pm we are having a "OUT WITH THE OLD/IN WITH THE NEW" fiesta at our store - with music, a sale, models, door prizes, and cocktails... We'll have a few select pieces strutting around the store. In accord WITH this event, all existing showroom items are 50% off (excludes new items and custom orders). Yeah, you heard me. Come on and get it... 15% of the evening's proceeds will go to the Community Foundation Flood Relief.

For you out-of-towners we DO have an online inventory. Please e-mail for more information...

WE LOVE YOU ALL and we LOVE our city of NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

& you thought it rained the day of the party... by Lauren Wray

So after getting through the great flood of 2010 (or for Nashville, the greatest flood EVER recorded) we are all for the most part back at the Rhinestone Palace. Lalie's basement got flooded and our friend Laura who lives in the same neighborhood as Lalie, Morelia, and I has major basement flooding as well... almost into her kitchen. Hope she doesn't mind me posting the picture of it, but here it is anyway. This was at about 10 feet:

Also, Manuel who INSISTS on the roads always being both beautiful and fine, even when the Mayor has issued a county-wide curfew and is encouraging all to stay in, made it early into work today. Flood or not, Manuel is tied to his machine and scissors! Our friend Blake drove out to Manuel's yesterday to check it out, and he only got this far:

If you've been watching the news, it's easy to see Nashville was hit pretty hard. We are all lucky. I'm working on a party blog, but we've had a lot of calls checking on us so I thought this was a little more important than a recap of last weekend... which I'm still going to get to. Promise! Thanks all for your thoughts and concerns. XO, LW

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Could it be? Tickets available Saturday at the door? AM I DREAMING?

Well, I have a confession to make...I am no stranger to the "art" of procrastination,
that is correct, I called it an ART.

Personally I find often times (as the ultimate tortured artist *ehem*) that waiting until things are down to the wire, until the clock is ticking over my head, tends to fuel the fires of creativity and send lighting bolts of unabashed, fresh ideas sans prefabricated boundaries surging through my veins....
If this sounds ANYTHING like you, I'll bet my bottom dollar that you STILL have not purchased tickets to Nashville's most noteworthy and epic all day party of the year (which i lovingly refer to as "tequila fest") even though you have planned on attending for a year now since you obviously had the time of your life at the 2009 event.

Well loves, set your mind at ease....
there are 2 ways you can go about purchasing tickets EVEN this late in the game

1. via paypal between today and friday.
We will have your tickets along with a record of your payment at the entry gate (will call)
upon your arrival - link to the PayPal addrses can be found off of our MAIN site:

2. The powers that be ( Manuel, Lauren, Morelia and Myself) have now decided to sell tickets at the gate for cash or check only the day of the event.
I would advise arriving somewhat on time however... as the mid afternoon approaches it tends to start getting a little crowded, we are not sure what time we will completely sell out.
You really don't want to miss this. I promise

Well darlings,
I can NOT wait to see you all this Saturday
Manuel is insanely excited...

P.S. Follow Lwray and my party updates and photos via twitter @LandLforMANUEL
and follow my personal account as well @darlatheoutlaw
We promise to keep those of you that cant make it this weekend entertained and informed...
In other words, we will twitpic the hell out of you.

Lalie Kavulich- Assistant Designer

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Question- Can we bring our Furry friends to this fun outdoor event?

Answer- NO! We are sorry to inform y'all that pets are not allowed.
Question- What time does it start/end?
Answer- Noon on Saturday, music starts at 1 pm. Music ends at midnight.
Question- I am totally freaking out, I procrastinated until the last minute and its Saturday morning. I want to go to the party in just a couple hours. Are there still tickets available and if so... can I purchase them upon arrival?
Answer- GREAT NEWS! We did not think this would be possible... but we WILL indeed have tickets available at the gate the day of (cash and check only) for $50 each (until we sell out that is!)

Question- I purchased my party passes via PayPal but don't have my tickets. What do I do?

Answer- If you didn't receive your tickets via snail mail by now it's probably time to update the address on your Paypal account - that's where they were mailed to. We have printed receipts of ALL PayPal purchases so there will be a record the sale at the front gate.

Question- Is this party kid friendly?

Answer- Bring those Rug rats along, but keep in mind there are "adult beverages" readily available and the party goes way past bedtime.

Question- Are the Tickets we purchased Tax deductible?

Answer- Unfortunately, not at this time. We are chartered as a non-profit in the state of Tennessee and our kind Board of Directors is currently dotting the i's and crossing the t's for the 501c3 application. It's estimated to be approved in the Fall of this year and at the time we will gain tax exempt status.

Question- Is it appropriate to bring gifts to the Birthday boy?

Answer- Manuel has kindly asked that all gifts this year be given in the form of a charitable contribution to his Non Profit organization "Friends of Manuel, Inc.".

Question- What is the appropriate attire for the party?

Answer- Anything goes! Be as casual or as colorful as you would like... just remember, you may have more fun in shorts and a Tee or a flowing sun-dress then you would in your fabulous rhinestoned suits (don't forget we may or may not get a bit of rain and this is an outdoor event) however, it is totally up to you!

Question- Should we bring food and alcohol?

Answer- We always encourage our guests to enjoy our stocked bar and tents of food.This year we will have delicious snacks donated by our friends at Sunset Grill, Corner Pub, Candylicious, Hello Cupcakes, and traditional Mexican cuisine. However, its always good to be equipped with your own personal late night nosh and an extra bottle of tequila or case of beer would be a fabulous way to avoid long lines at the bars!

Question - Is there any rain alternative?

Answer- We will be partying rain or shine, hell or high-water.
Just come prepared for all weather, We all know the ol' April showers adage & we have been having this party the same weekend for years. There's often a scattered shower or two but it has never ruined our fun thus far!

Question- I know this party is on a hill in the country, Where on earth is there to park?

Answer- We are pleased to announce that we will have a complimentary valet service available to you for the first time ever this year! However carpooling for the sake of our environment and your own personal safety is highly encouraged,don't forget to designate a driver!

Question- As far as accommodations go, what are our options in the area? If we bring a tent is there anywhere on the property we can camp?

Answer- Our friends at the Doubletree in Downtown Nashville have kindly discounted rooms for Saturday night. Please mention the group code "rhinestone" when making reservations. This hotel is about 40 minutes from Manuel's Mountain. The closest hotels to Manuel's Mountain are in Franklin or Brentwood, TN, about 25 minutes away. You're welcome to camp on Manuel's property, but PLEASE no campfires amigos and clean up after yourself!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Happens

Proud to report I have a slight tan line already and we at 1922 Broadway are in dire need of a grass cut in our front yard - anyone? Eggs shells are on the sidewalk, we're bustin' out the white suits - in other words SPRING HAS SPRUNG!
However, I'm here to fill you in on more important store happenings. One thing I'm overdue in mentioning is the AMAZING Gram Parsons painting that Dean Tomasek has so kindly let us hang in our showroom. It really goes with our style and although I want it to sell, I'm hoping Dean might just forget about it and let it hang out a little longer. Visit his website to read more about him and see his other work.

As previously mentioned in prior blogs, yes we did work with Gwyneth Paltrow and the costume designer of the to be released film, Love Don't Let Me Down. I probably already mentioned that I was an actress, er, um I mean extra for 2 days on set- please direct all fan club inquires to Lalie. Point being is that Ms. Paltrow was kind enough to mention us and many of our Nashville favorite hangs in her popular blog, GOOP. Thanks so much for the shout out and come see us soon!!

If any of you have been in the store or talked to Morelia in the past 6 months you would most likely be informed that she was nominated for Oyster Queen. Since 1990, Oyster Easter has been the primary fundraiser for the Community Resource Center, a "lifeline" for Middle Tennessee nonprofits. Through natural laughter and charm and the help of some bunnies, Morelia had no problem letting the party know she was here to reign... for at least another year nonetheless!! Congratulations Morelia! (P.S. I think the below pic is a pretty representative group shot, almost candid...)

(Pic to left is a still shot of G.P.'s blog, GOOP - to the right the "outlaws" Oyster Eastering it up at Traveler's Rest, Nashville)

Another thing I am super excited about, other than the party of course, is a little thing we're preparing for at our #1 watering hole downtown. It's no secret that any given member of the Manuel crew, including Manuel, can be found at our favorite Nashville honky tonk, Robert's Western World, the home of traditional country music - located on Broadway. Don't wanna reveal what's going on yet but I'll give you a few things to ponder on... It's either:

A) Manuel is the new maracas player for Brazilbilly
B) Morelia is the new cook.
C) Lauren Wray and Lalie are getting an afternoon slot in form of the first RIoTGrRl band on Lower Broad
D) None of the above - something way cooler!!

Keep you posted and see you at the party!


Monday, March 29, 2010

DANCING for Safe Haven Family Shelter

Safe Haven Family Shelter Celebrates 25 Years with Inaugural Event

On April 9th, 2010, Safe Haven Family Shelter will host the inaugural Dancing for Safe Haven Family Shelter event. The garnered funds will provide shelter and transitional services to homeless families with children; empowering them to achieve lasting self-sufficiency. During the program, a special presentation will honor Chairman and CEO of Southwestern/Great American Inc., Henry Bedford.

Acclaimed musician, producer and former host of TV's Prime Time Country, Gary Chapman and Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004, will serve as emcees joined by a cast of judges. Local stars will be paired with professional dancers and the couples will dazzle the community with their dancing talents. Safe Haven Family Shelter partnered with Studio 1406 in East Nashville to serve as the dance studio hosting the rehearsals. Following dinner and program, a late party will be offered featuring snacks, drinks and an open dance floor.

Local Stars

•Jim Shulman-Deputy Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Health & Board President of SHFS
•Danielle Peck-Country Artist and SHFS Celebrity Spokesperson
•Heather Byrd-Entertainment Journalist
•Mark Volman-Founding Member of The Turtles
•Kelly Sutton-Host of Tennessee Mornings on Fox 17 WZTV
•Cowboy Jack Clement-Legendary Record Producer and Songwriter
•Manuel-Rhinestone Rembrandt and Fashion Designer
•Ted Welch-Republican Fundraiser, Commercial Real Estate Developer, Magazine Owner

Tickets to the dinner and program cost is $125 per person. To register for the dinner and program, click here. In the "type of gift" field, please specify "Dancing for Safe Haven--Dinner."

Late Party is $50 per person. To register for the late party, click here. In the "type of gift" field, please specify "Dancing for Safe Haven--Late Party."

For more information about Dancing for Safe Haven Family Shelter or to purchase tickets, contact Trey Lipman at

To make a contribution to the event, click here.

Vote for your favorite dancer. Click here to help them win the Online Favorite award!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Click link BELOW to buy tickets!!

Please make sure that your PayPal shipping address is correct because this is the address we will be mailing your tickets! If you have any questions, please e-mail

Line up!!

We are beyond THRILLED to release the lineup for Manuel's birthday/benefit! Please click the links to visit the artist's webpage. Ticket sales will hopefully be up and running by the end of the week - sorry for the delay!

Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives
Micki Free & Friends
Benita Hill
LoCash Cowboys
Paul Burch
Danny Salazar

Leroy Powell & The Messengers
Mickie James
Kentucky Thunderbirds
Sweethearts of the Rodeo
Jeffrey Steele and Friends
Frank Ortega
James Wesley
Suzette Renee & the Neon Angels

Tullie Brae
Keith Gattis
Phil Hummer and the White Falcons
Danielle Reed
Eric Lee Beddingfield

Stephanie Ryman & Briana Kidwell
Nicole Johnson with Johnny Garcia
Clint Clymer & the Outlaw Gypsies
Chris Nathan

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friends of Manuel, Inc. / Sponsorship Opportunities

Manuel has established a non-profit organization, Friends of Manuel Inc., in order to fulfill his dream - a design institute in Nashville, Tennesee. In Manuel's words exactly:

"As you may know, with the help of many friends and family, I have started a non-profit organization, Friends of Manuel. The purpose of this group is to raise funds for my dream, a fashion institute that will be located here in Nashville. The Friends of Manuel will financially support the school for the enrichment of the arts in the design and textiles industry. College seniors from across the world will be able to apply for these intensive internships where they will learn techniques that will be taught exclusively. I count on these students to preserve and carry on my legacy."

Manuel's annual birthday party, which attracts nearly 1,500 of the "who's who" in the entertainment industry from across the country, will be an all-day and into the night event. This year, the main stage will feature Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, John Carter Cash, Micki Free, and many more. The proceeds from $50 admission fee benefit Friends of Manuel, Inc. Food, spirts, and entertainment will be available all day and into the night.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
1) $5000 Sponsorship includes (there is 1 available): - TAKEN
-main ad in pamphlet to be distributed at party
-included in all press (including radio, Twitter, Facebook,
e-mail blasts, press releases, etc.)
-main banner on stage
-logo on all printed material (such as cups that are distributed at party)
-private dinner at Manuel's house for 8 (date t.b.d.)
-8 tickets to party
-tent provided for company/product
-overnight accommodations for 4 at Manuel's house
night of party

(2) $2500 Sponsorship includes (there is 2 available):
-1/2 page ad in pamphlet to be distributed at party
-included in all press (including radio, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail blasts, press releases, etc.
-6 tickets to party
-tent provided for company/product
The ticket sponsorship is $650.00. Dining sponsors will provide food and food service for 300 people. A 10x10 tent, serving table, and three chairs will be provided. Bar sponsors will provide liquor and mixed drinks, and/or wine and beer, and bar service. Each bar sponsor will be provided a 10x10 tent, a serving table, and three chairs. Dining and bar sponsors will be able to display their banner at theirs service locations and will be included on handbills, flyers, and posters. Please e-mail for further details.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Manuel's Birthday Party, Sat. April 24th

Friends of Manuel, Inc. is Manuel's non-for-profit organization established to fulfill his dream, a design institute in Nashville. This year the annual birthday party will not only be a celebration of friends and family, but a benefit for F.O.M. At Manuel's home in College Grove, Tennessee. On Saturday, April 24th, Marty Stuart & his Fabulous Superlatives will headline this great outdoor event, along with many more (official line-up to be released soon)! Our tickets are $50 and there will be food, drinks, and entertainment late into the night. They will be available for purchase via PayPal in the next few weeks. Please stay posted on party news via Twitter and Facebook. We ask that you please do not call the shop for questions regarding the party!

There are sponsorship opportunities available! Please see latest blog or e-mail for more details. Deadline is approaching quickly!

If you are unable to attend but would like to donate to the cause, please click the "donate" button below to contribute via PayPal.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winnin' in '0-10!!

Hello cyber world, Lauren Wray here letting you know some of the beautiful things we've been working on for our even more beautiful clients. We are so lucky to have such an array of clientele ... from movie stars to hobo story tellers to everyone in between. Yes, everyone in between. To fill you in on what's been going on this year thus far... Nashville is getting to be quite the destination for filming movies here in the past few years. We did stuff for Hannah Montana: The Movie (specifically a western shirt that Lalie designed for Miley) and recently made custom boots in a whopping 6 days for none other than Gwyneth Paltrow to be worn in the movie (in production), Love Don't Let Me Down, which is currently being filmed in Nashville (also stars Garrett Hedlund of Troy and Friday Night Lights , Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, and Tim McGraw - client and pop country crooner). Personal side note: I worked a few days as an extra (it was a very deep, complicated character I played) on set... no more details to be released at this moment but I will be signing autographs at K-Mart next week, thanks! Nick 13 of Tiger Army (I think he may be working on a Nashville album?) also just ordered his second Manuel suit. It is inspired by the Elvis gold lame' suit and we hear he will be using it for upcoming photo shoots so I'm sure you'll get to see pictures of it soon. The ladies of Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels win this month's contest of cool kids (I judged). Kate just received hers and Jeremi's is in the works. Casey and Brent have been rocking their Gram Parsons' inspired motorcycle jackets for a hot minute, so we're stoked (we hope they are too!!) for the ladies to be donning some rhinestones on their bad ass selves. Please be sure to check out their music... they are super groovy and cool and we're happy to be a fan of these clients and friends... Who can forget hunky Mr. James Intveld a long time friend/client who's been a friend of the Man's since the "L.A." days. He's another one that we love to listen to... as well as measure... ahhhh sorry James, couldn't resist. Also check out James' tunes and bio -- he's got an interesting history. Time to take a minute to shout out the legendary Mr. MERLE HAGGARD. We respect and love the legends and Manuel loves hearing from his old friends (he's made clothes for him through out his entire career). We're working on some suits for him right now. He's requested old school, Hank Williams style... meaning lots of piping and arrows.I know there's been stuff that I've left out, my dearest and sincerest apologies. I have a lot of stuff to do, i.e. sew arrows, figure out what to wear tomorrow for the taping of the Marty Stuart show, and so on so forth. It's also time to start thinking about lunch as well. So adios amigos... keep rockin' and rollin'. -LW

P.S.: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss came in the other day to say hello to Manuel. I think Mr. Plant lives here part time but it still makes me shakey when I see him... I just can't help myself. Lalie is accepting bids on my behalf to hear the story about how he found my bra in the dressing room last year. No part of story will be falsified, email to place bids: (Rules and Regulations: Bids will be accepted in increment of 10's (i.e. 10, 20, 30... so on) and barters can be discussed).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

52nd Grammy Awards - Warren G and George Clinton Interview

Just wanted to share a video of one our jackets at the Grammys

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Notes from Ole' Sarah!

On my first day of work at Manuel's anything that could go wrong on a first day did go wrong. I woke up early to ensure that I was not late... and the coffee maker exploded like a volcano full of lava-- coffee grinds everywhere. Then, I finally arrive at Manuel’s and can't find a parking spot, so I park in a Vanderbilt parking garage. When I eventually get inside the shop, I was 20 minutes late. Lalie greeted me and told me not to worry about how late I was and gave me a tour of the shop. When she was giving me a tutorial of how to rhinestone, I accidentally knocked an entire rack of scarves over and barely missed her head. By that point I was anxiously awaiting 5:30 to roll around so my frazzled first day would be over. To top it all off, when I got back to my car I had a $20 ticket because I had put my money for the parking garage in the wrong slot.

Thankfully, my first day was NOT a sign of things to come. The 3 months that followed that awful first day were the most fun I have ever had. I came to find that I actually looked forward to going to work everyday and was sad when 5:30 did roll around. At the end of my internship I had even considered cancelling my plans to attend SCAD (Savannah College of Arts and Design) so I could stay in Nashville and continue interning. I consider myself privileged and lucky that I got to work and form friendships with such amazing people. Everyone from Manuel's even put together a hipster packet and sent it to me when I first moved to Georgia because they knew how homesick I was and how much I loved stereotypes.

I am now living in Savannah, GA and anxiously awaiting graduation from SCAD. Words cannot express how much I miss my family at Manuel's. I try to visit everyone as often as possible, which unfortunately ends up being only once a year. I am excited to visit in April for Manuel's birthday and to be greeted with a hug and to hear the Man himself say "I have missed my boobies!"

Miss you all,

Sarah Swafford

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All in a days work...

Here is one of our sweet new interns,
Marjorie from Vanderbilt modeling our newest bag design

it could be an oversized purse, an overnight or a carry on!
call us at 615 321 5444 to inquire or to order your very own
custom design!

also dont forget to follow us on twitter
(my assistants Lauren Wray and Lalie have a page as well)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Manuel in my Life... a reflection

photo by jenny petite

About three years ago I opened a door at a studio in Nashville not knowing quite what to expect. Nothing in the world could have prepped me for what I found! At 1922 Broadway there is much more than amazing clothing, sparkling stones, and a piece of history. There is also genius, love, and an old bordello full of the most creative and exciting people I have ever met. Manuel welcomes everybody with open arms- and well, when you have curves like mine, he opens them a little further! Only for hugs of course. He is an amazing mentor. Supportive, smart, witty, and kind. He had faith in me- which in turn allowed my creative juices to thrive.

As far as the rest of the crew is concerned, I can define Lalie as charismatic and intoxicating. An energetic neo pin-up with style and flare that never ceases to amaze and is out done by no one. Lauren Wray has spunk. Moxie, spirit, gumption- true southern grit. With her you always get an honest smile and a boost of freshness. Last but not least Morelia, Manuel's daughter. What can I say, she is the leading lady in her life- and I dare anyone to call her an "extra!" Morelia is quite simply- hilarious (Read Mo-ism # 437). She is full of life, wonder, and love.

The most important thing about this group is family. I was amazed to find a family within each of them. To this day I look to them for support, criticism, a shoulder to cry on, or a booty to dance with. No matter the circumstance or occasion each of them have been there for me. When I needed help with hand made buttonholes on a tailored jacket I made- they were there. When I had to find a dress to wear to my Grandpa's funeral, and didn't think I could face it alone- they were there. When I wanted to celebrate my 24th birthday- they were there (hives and all)! And when I was interviewing my 1st "big name" at a Lexus/Vogue fashion show full of nerves and doubt, I found comfort in seeing them in the front row next to the runway. With their hugs I gained my confidence to do my job and was able to shine. That's the glory in being a part of "Manuel Exclusive Clothier," you do not only learn about fashion, expert workmanship, textiles, and couture... you learn about life.

I feel honored to know that years ago I was able to open a new door in my life. And I feel privileged to understand that that door never has to be closed.

All my love and respect,

Since interning with Manuel, Sarah Reesman has worked abroad with designer Vivienne Westwood and is currently a writer and editor for Nashville SixFifteen Magazine. She may be contacted at