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Monday, May 3, 2010

& you thought it rained the day of the party... by Lauren Wray

So after getting through the great flood of 2010 (or for Nashville, the greatest flood EVER recorded) we are all for the most part back at the Rhinestone Palace. Lalie's basement got flooded and our friend Laura who lives in the same neighborhood as Lalie, Morelia, and I has major basement flooding as well... almost into her kitchen. Hope she doesn't mind me posting the picture of it, but here it is anyway. This was at about 10 feet:

Also, Manuel who INSISTS on the roads always being both beautiful and fine, even when the Mayor has issued a county-wide curfew and is encouraging all to stay in, made it early into work today. Flood or not, Manuel is tied to his machine and scissors! Our friend Blake drove out to Manuel's yesterday to check it out, and he only got this far:

If you've been watching the news, it's easy to see Nashville was hit pretty hard. We are all lucky. I'm working on a party blog, but we've had a lot of calls checking on us so I thought this was a little more important than a recap of last weekend... which I'm still going to get to. Promise! Thanks all for your thoughts and concerns. XO, LW

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  1. Glad to hear you are all fine. Too bad about the damage that had happened. As for Manuel, the show must go on!