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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from Manuel's Assistant Designer

OMG (that stands for oh. my. God for all you non bloggers out there)

We have been SO busy these past few weeks at the house of Manuel.
I personally have been very preoccupied with the conceptualizing, brainstorming and designing of the mens and womens $250 shirts .
I know each and every one of you Manuel Couture fans are just DYING to get your hands on one for yourself or maybe as a very special gift for your honey over the holidays.... ladies and gentlemen....let me tell you now....they are going to be fantastic.

In other news, we can now do some of that fantastic black magic to your favorite pair of jeans or that denim jacket you have been wearing since you graduated high school...
we have designs available in the $150-$250 price range OR
We will do custom embroidery and rhinestones on your own personal garment for a special price
email me at for more details....
(if you are wanting to do something before Christmas I am going to have to get your orders by the first week of December)

well friends, I am signing off...
dont look for me at the' fashion after dark' event...although some of my GLORIOUS clutch designs will be available for purchase...
i unfortunately will be tardy for the party due to an emergency wisdom tooth extraction surgery
( please send flowers)

Lalie aka Darla Outlaw

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