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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sitting Across from the Man

I'm so pumped about the new collection of holiday clutches we are working on. They are amazing, they are not typical holiday purses at all, AWESOME, everyone should own one for the holidays. Right now I am waiting for Kelly to get here though so we can roll fabric onto cardboard to make it neat and perfect for Manuel, that is our goal for today! Should be lotsa fun! Nothing we do here is too ordinary, you never know what the task will be for the day, or who might walk in at any moment. I love being here and love everyone here, they are amazing!

I am sitting with Manuel right now, and trying to convince him to sing us a song, while he cuts fabric to make a beautiful jacket. He loves to sing and he is really good, although most of the time it's in Spanish..haha--I think it keeps him in a good mood too, which is great!

-Danielle, Intern

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