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Monday, December 28, 2009


Feel free to ask any questions we left out...

  • Who writes Manuel's blogs, "tweets", keeps up with his Facebook, etc.?

A: Although Manuel is fully aware of what's going on with his "Twatter" as he likes to say, and his Facebook friends, Manuel is not so much into social networking himself. He sees it as a valuable tool and loves to hear from his family and friends and all over the world. However, his assistants and interns do the dirty work on this particular subject.

  • Can I come see the store?

A: Yes! We love guests. We'd love for you to call ahead if possible. Our number is 615-321-5444 and we are located at 1922 Broadway, Nashville TN, 37203 on the corner of 20th and Broadway (Midtown). We are open Monday-Friday 9-6 CST.

  • How do I go about getting a custom piece made by Manuel?

A: For starters, we are going to need your measurements. It's highly recommended that you visit the shop so Manuel can measure you personally. We take great pride in our tailoring skills and Manuel prefers to meet his clients in person due to the fact that he's not only a designer, but an image maker. If coming to Nashville isn't possible, please call the shop or e-mail Lauren at to make other arrangements.

  • Can I look at Manuel stuff online?

A: While we are the stages of making our website ( suitable for ecommerce, we're not quite there yet. Please come to our showroom!

  • I own a vintage Nudie and/or Manuel. How can I find out how much it's worth?

A: Easy. We can write you a letter of authenticity and appraisal letter from Manuel. Please inquire for prices for this service.

  • How do I go about making an appointment for a fitting?

A: Please call the shop 615-321-5444 or e-mail Lauren Wray at

  • My daughter is going to prom and needs her dressed fixed. Can we take it you for an alteration?

A: Dear Lord no!

  • Are you hiring?

A: No.

  • Do you all have an internship programs?

A: Yes. Please contact Lalie at

  • How long is your turn around time?

A: Typically at least 3-4 weeks. Extra charges apply for rush orders.

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