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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ready for the Holidays (?)

Last week's FASHION AFTER DARK was a great success... plenty of friends, music, and of course, tequila! Our friend Keith Gattis played along with opening act, Clayton Quisenberry. Everyone loved the clutches and the $250 shirt... and of course, all of the staple rhinestoned and embroidered creations that glitter on our walls everyday!! Speaking of $250 shirts...they must be ordered right away to be ready for the holidays!! If you haven't seen the prototypes yet, please see other entries or look on our Facebook!

On Wednesday (tomorrow), we are going to be setting up shop at Cabana to be a part of "GNO" or Girls-Night-Out. This is one of our favorite restaurants in town and we are excited to sip a few margaritas and show these awesome ladies some of our newest duds! For more information, click here.

Well, that's about all for now... keep checking for new updates!

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