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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Notes from Ole' Sarah!

On my first day of work at Manuel's anything that could go wrong on a first day did go wrong. I woke up early to ensure that I was not late... and the coffee maker exploded like a volcano full of lava-- coffee grinds everywhere. Then, I finally arrive at Manuel’s and can't find a parking spot, so I park in a Vanderbilt parking garage. When I eventually get inside the shop, I was 20 minutes late. Lalie greeted me and told me not to worry about how late I was and gave me a tour of the shop. When she was giving me a tutorial of how to rhinestone, I accidentally knocked an entire rack of scarves over and barely missed her head. By that point I was anxiously awaiting 5:30 to roll around so my frazzled first day would be over. To top it all off, when I got back to my car I had a $20 ticket because I had put my money for the parking garage in the wrong slot.

Thankfully, my first day was NOT a sign of things to come. The 3 months that followed that awful first day were the most fun I have ever had. I came to find that I actually looked forward to going to work everyday and was sad when 5:30 did roll around. At the end of my internship I had even considered cancelling my plans to attend SCAD (Savannah College of Arts and Design) so I could stay in Nashville and continue interning. I consider myself privileged and lucky that I got to work and form friendships with such amazing people. Everyone from Manuel's even put together a hipster packet and sent it to me when I first moved to Georgia because they knew how homesick I was and how much I loved stereotypes.

I am now living in Savannah, GA and anxiously awaiting graduation from SCAD. Words cannot express how much I miss my family at Manuel's. I try to visit everyone as often as possible, which unfortunately ends up being only once a year. I am excited to visit in April for Manuel's birthday and to be greeted with a hug and to hear the Man himself say "I have missed my boobies!"

Miss you all,

Sarah Swafford

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  1. My Manuel....He is my idol and my blessing. He is such a gifted tailor who has such flair and such dedication. He makes you feel like a STAR even when you are not. He does know true talent and has a way with bringing you love and wonderful clothes. You have never lived if you have not had a MANUEL